1. Enter a name (any name) and Login
  2. Click Find Rooms to see if anyone else is playing at the moment (probably not).
  3. Click Create Room to make your own room and play (if you want to play solo or you found no rooms. You can name your room and say how many players by filling in the appropriate fields, but this is optional).
  4. Hit Start Game to start! (If you're waiting for friends, don't hit "Start Game" until they join!


  • WASD moves the character. 
  • Mouse looks around. 
  • Spacebar jumps. 
  • Left Click and Right Click grab things with your hands. 


Download 56 MB


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Fun game, but other than the butter sticks it's too easy. Also, after I beat it, i decided to go for an ocean stroll and now I'm falling endlessly.

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I love the secret launcher at the start, so fun! Managed to beat it in 43 seconds after several attempts.