A game made by Tony V. with help from his instructor Dilan A. This is the description in Tony's own words:

It is a snake game. You collect the ammo boxes to get points. There are different color ammo boxes. Each ammo boxes has their own points the player to get the depending on the color of it. There are also bombs in this game. If  the player hits the bomb then it is game over. If the player hits the wall then it is game over. Each time the player gets a ammo box this player produces a army man behind the first army man the player uses. This first army man is the player uses  is the first thing player uses to play the game. At the beginning of the game this first army man automatically appears in this game so as a ammo box.  Each time When  this first army man hits an ammo box  a green army man After that appears behind this first army man.

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