A set of card games made by Tony V with help from his instructor Dilan A. 

On the title screen you can select if you want to use the Disney deck or the DC Comics Deck. This will change the cards, background, characters, and music when you are playing.

Go Fish: Collect four cards of the same rank to make a book. Once all of the cards have been used, the Player with the most books made wins! When it is your turn, click on a character to ask them for a card of a specific rank. 

War: Click on your deck to play a card. Whoever plays the highest card wins each turn. If the cards are the same rank then that starts a WAR. Click on your deck to add three face-down cards and then play one card. The winner gets to take all of the cards, and the player who gets all of the cards wins!

Cheat: Play up to four cards when it is your turn. Match the card rank being asked for or go ahead and try to cheat. The other players may catch you, and you can accuse other players of cheating as well. First to play all of their cards wins.

GenreCard Game
Made withUnity